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The Land of Opportunities

With dramatic beaches, four-season recreational opportunities, and a growing population. Its robust, diversified economy is grounded in technology, entertainment, innovation and business services, supporting strong, consistent interest by renters, aspiring homeowners, and active home buyers.

California offers a Spectrum of Opportunities for investors

With 54 of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in California, the state is positioned for continued job growth. High employment rates draw renters and buyers and, for investors, enhance the likelihood of consistent cash flow. Because of its higher educational level, you’ll find a well-qualified pool of tenants in California, who are looking to rent well-maintained properties.

Though not the lowest in the country, California has favorable property tax rates, which will help control investors’ expenses and improve cash flow.

With renters flocking to the golden state for jobs, great weather, and fantastic entertainment, demand outpaces availability and growth in many California markets. This demand leads to consistent increases in rental rates for owners of income properties. Approximately, 45.2% of houses are rented, way above de high national rate of 36.6%.

The combination of job growth and a world-renowned lifestyle and culture supports home values. People buy where they want to live, and millions of people want to live in California. All of the demand mentioned above also leads to a consistent increasing home value every year.

In California houses sell quickly. The median time on market last year was only 15 days. The value of houses had an increase of over 16 percent in the last year. Investors can expect to earn a healthy return on any properties they buy in the area right now.

Rental homes provide tax breaks for owners who need to reduce their tax liability. You can deduct the cost of property management and other professional fees, as well as depreciation and maintenance. In California the eviction process for delinquent tenants is easy and fast.

Mortgage rates are falling, and expected to go even lower. The current average is 3%, way lower than the average in most countries.

Types of Investment Properties


Used primarily as a Home: Single Family Homes | Townhomes | Condos


Used primarily for Business: Offices | Restaurants | Multi-family Homes


Used primarily for Industrial Business: Warehouses | Factories | Powerplants


Unused or used primarily as undeveloped lands: Farming | Ranching | Unused

Invest in California

Ways real estate investments can earn you money

Rental Payments

• Potential for regular cash flow
• Requires equity ownership
• Requires hands-on management or delegation


• Potential for single lump sum return when asset is sold
• Can be active or passive investment

Trade or “flip” real estate

• Buy an undervalued residential property, renovates it, then sells it at a higher price
• Can bring in big returns in just a few months

Our Services

We offer full access to our portfolio of commercial, residential and industrial properties. Set a meeting with us to adjust our search to you budget and objectives.

With only the 30% of the property price as a down-payment, we can offer the prequalification of your mortgage credit. Contact us for the full requisite list and free advisory.

In order to achieve your goal of building income earnings from the distance we offer the service of screening tenants so that your property will have the best and most trustworthy renters possible. We make sure your property is well-taken care of and is being rented continuously for as long as you choose to rent your property.

We have expert allies that will support you in all legal and accounting aspects, such as opening corporations, taxes, insurance, construction, etc.

All the advice you need, from the first step to the moment of handing over the keys, we will be here for you

All the advice you need, from the first step to the moment of handing over the keys, we will be here for you


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